18 Essays on Sonnets from Edwin Morgan's Sonnets from Scotland
by Guusje Groote, Paula Jansen, and Sebastiaan Verweij,
with an Introduction by Prof. Roderick Lyall,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / Free University Amsterdam

  Introduction Prof. Roderick Lyall
  'The Ring of Brodgar' Sebastiaan Verweij
  'Pilate at Fortingall' Sebastiaan Verweij
  'The Picts' Sebastiaan Verweij
  'Colloquy in Glaschu' Paula Jansen
  'Matthew Paris' Paula Jansen
  'At Stirling Castle, 1507' Sebastiaan Verweij
  'Thomas Young, M.A. (St Andrews)' Paula Jansen
  'Lady Grange on St Kilda' Guusje Groote
  'Theory of the Earth' Guusje Groote
  'Poe in Glasgow' Guusje Groote
  'De Quincey in Glasgow' Paula Jansen
  'Peter Guthrie Tait, Topologist' Sebastiaan Verweij
  'G.M. Hopkins in Glasgow' Guusje Groote
  '1893' Guusje Groote
  'The Ticket' Paula Jansen
  'North Africa' Paula Jansen
  'Seferis on Eigg' Sebastiaan Verweij
  'Matt McGinn' Guusje Groote


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Sonnets from Scotland cannot be included in this site due to copyright, but you can find them in Edwin Morgan's Collected Poems, Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1990, pp. 437ff., and in his New Selected Poems, Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2000, pp. 130ff.


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